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Herbo- Medical Marijuana Shop


We at Herbo are growers, users, and beneficiaries of Marijuana. Cannabis is our lifestyle and our passion. Whether you use Marijuana medicinally or recreationally, you are welcomed into the Herbo community. Not only does the Herbo app help you find MMJ dispensaries, smoke shops, legal doctors, clinics, and delivery services in your area, but Herbo also wants to help you ingest MMJ the best possible ways (Don't buy lobster and cook it in the microwave). So we've partnered with the largest and best paraphernalia manufacturers and distributors to bring you awesome products at great prices. Buying good strains is just Step One. Herbo is the first app to bring you Step Two along your journey.
In the latest version, we added Strain information including THC/CBD breakdowns, effects, and where to buy it to help you find the best strains for your specific needs.
Many more features and products coming soon. So join us on our pursuit of fine herb.
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